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Taurus Female Personality Traits

Born Apr 20~May 20Ruling PlanetVenus
SymbolThe BullElementEarth
Basic TraitI HaveClosest MetalCopper
Lucky DayFridayQualityFixed
Lucky PlacesPeaceful placeLucky Numbers1, 9
Lucky ColorPastel Shades
Lucky FlowersDaffodils and Daisies
Lucky GemsLapis Lazuli and Sapphires
Ruling GoldGreek-Aphrodite; Roman-Venus
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Overall Personality Traits

A Taurus woman is resilient to hardship, fearless and very independent.

She has an approachable nature and never wishes to dominate at work or home. She never makes friends according to social status. In contrast she enjoys those as company who share similar interests to her.

A Taurus female is understandable. She acknowledges people's difference and treats people with respect unless they are very overbearing. A Taurus woman is intellectual. Yet she enjoys many things else in life such as gardening and the nature.

A Taurus woman is elegant and very loyal to her friends. She is good at withstanding hardship and can manage finance well. She is also a good hostess and as her guest you will be always treated with warmth and kindness.


A Taurus woman is caring, considerate and supportive in a relationship. She never wishes to dominate her partner because she thinks it is important to be equal in a relationship.

A Taurus female is tasteful and therefore to take her out, you need to pay attention to your appearance as well as your manners. She is a great cook and enjoys cooking for her family.

She also enjoys painting, horse riding and fishing and to be her partner you need to share similar interests. In a relationship a Taurus woman is loyal and caring. She may feel insecure sometimes. To be her partner, you should be always there for her.

A Taurus woman is good at finance and a good mother. She is patient and devoted to her children. She wants her children to be strong and confident when they grow up.

A Taurus female is often a devoted wife. For her partner she is willing to work hard and make compromises. She always tries to make home a cosy place for her partner, and she is always supportive on her partner's new business ventures.

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