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Taurus - Blood Type A Personalities


Taurus with Blood Type A tends to be cautious. You prefer to take good preparation and thorough consideration before making any decisions.

Because of this, you might leave others the impression of being very slow and indecisive. But on the other hand, thanks to this you rarely make mistakes or fail.

Taurus with Blood Type A thinks one has to build up a good basis before starting a project. You try to develop your fortitude and patience for your future success. Meanwhile you are focused and rarely leave things for tomorrow if you can finish them today.

You are upright, frank and honest. You hate vanity and dishonesty. You keep promises that you make to other people and you are polite and very grateful.

But on the other hand you might get too stubborn to take other people's opinion. And at times you could lack compassion and you don't want to accommodate.

Overall Taurus with Blood Type A is kind and confident. Though approachable, you rarely do things based on others' will.

Advice: When you are in a bad mood, try to let it out instead of holding it inside.

Taurus and Blood Type Personalities

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