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Taurus 2016 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

In 2016 Taurus expects to pay more attention to social relationships. Taurus tends to enjoy giving other than receiving. You also tend to be focused hence it is important to choose your focused area carefully. Taurus is likely to enter into a business partnership with someone in 2016. Overall it is maybe a good year for you to purchase a house for yourself.


For single Taurus you expect to have lots of opportunities to enter into a good relationship. For Taurus in a relationship, you expected to be very committed. It is maybe a good idea to take your partner out from time to time.

Money Management

Taurus expects to enjoy a steady financial status in 2016. You may find it hard to enter into a business partnership with someone due to the increased responsibility and pressure. For Taurus in sales or service industry, you may encounter difficult clients from time to time. During the second half of year you need to be careful with your business cash flow. It is may be a good year for Taurus to invest in property.

Academic Guidance

Taurus expects to be very studious in 2016. You expect to be very active and perform well in school, thanks to the help from your teachers and friends. Between January and April and between July and October it is important for you to stay focused and patient as the subjects you choose to study can be quite challenging.


It is important for you to extend your social network and maintain a good relationship with colleagues at work in 2016. You tend to work on your own and can be quite stubborn; hence other people may find it hard to get along with you. Stay professional and try to be more empathetic at work. Overall it is important for Taurus to realize both work performance and working relationship with others are important for future career development.


It is important for Taurus to look after your liver and avoid excessive drinking. Try to maintain a healthy diet routine and avoid trying food that you are not sure about. Try to concentrate when you drive and avoid driving after excessive drinking.


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