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Taurus 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

Taurus expects to have a prosperous year in 2013. You expect to work hard as well as trying to enjoy a peaceful life. Taurus will become busier in 2013. You will be able to expand your business. With the help from Jupiter, Taurus is respected and loved among friends and family members.

You may try to offer more help to those in need in 2013. You tend to be attentive and always try to enrich yourself from an intellectual level. Try to think carefully before you make any hurtful comments.


Taurus expects to be more flexible in 2013. Try to take a positive and proactive attitude when dealing with issues in a relationship. Your steady personality will make yourself very attractive for those who lack inner security. In April, Mars will have an effect on Taurus. You are likely to feel more content towards life, and your partner will be more considerate towards you. Try to think carefully before making any commitments.

Money management

2013 expects to be a prosperous year for Taurus. Your investments are likely to bring you very good returns. February and March are good months for investments. After summer there may be a period when your returns on investments are less favourable. But in Autumn and winter, the situation will become favourable again.

Academic Guidance

Taurus expects to have a smooth academic year in 2013. In January there may be occasions you do not perform well, but the situation will improve in February and March. Taurus is likely to feel more relaxed and become more efficient from April. You expect to pass the exams in July smoothly. In autumn, you may need to work harder in order to keep up the performance.


For Taurus creativity is the biggest fortune. Due to the impact from Jupiter your performance at work may drop, but this may be because you are working on other great ideas for the future. February is a good month for you to start your own business. You will gain the support from your friends and family members. Taurus may find it difficult to find a working partner. But overal Taurus expects to make great progress in 2013.


Overall Taurus expects to pay attention to any heart, lung, brain, liver or kidney problems, especially for those who have high blood pressure and anemia. Taurus needs to be careful in August and September. But overall Taurus expects to enjoy good health in 2013

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: strong-minded, passionate, friendly, patient, responsible, trustworthy, and practical.

Weakness: Stubborn, jealous, possessive, lazy, rigid, and self-indulgent


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