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Taurus 2012 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

Taurus expects to have a smooth and steady year in 2012. You are unlikely to get involved into trouble. Thanks to the positive influence from Saturn, you will rarely need to lose your temper . Because the strength of Saturn will be able to offset the negative impact from Neptune Taurus will feel much calmer and stronger in 2012.


For single Taurus, 2012 expects to be an uneventful year. You will find it is difficult to start a good relationship. The best thing to do is to build up friendship first, before talking about relationship with the other person.

For married Taurus, try to be more open to your partner. It is important to communicate with your partner in order to make the relationship work. Try to talk about each other's emotional and spiritual needs, rather than just everyday needs.

Money Management

2012 expects to be a better financial year for Taurus. In January Taurus should watch out for investment opportunities. Be more wary when making investments in February and March. Summer is a good time for Taurus to invest. Avoid investing in Autumn. Your luck would then come back after November.

Academic Guidance

You may find stressful in school most of the time in Spring. In February and March, you need to watch out for careless mistakes when taking exams. From April on, Taurus' school performance expects to improve. In Summer Taurus will find study to become a bit easier. For the 2nd half of 2012, Taurus should try to spend more time on study.


For Taurus who looks for a job, 2012 is a good year overall, expecially in Summer. You are more likely to find a job you like in Summer. During the 2nd half of the year, you need to be persistent because your luck will grow as time goes by.

For Taurus working in the office, your career expects to progress smoothly. You are likely to feel pressure from your sensior managers in February and March. You expecto to make progress and attain awards aroound June. For the 2nd half of 2012, your are unlikely to encountr any problems at work.


Overall Taurus expects to enjoy good health in 2012, You need to pay attention to your abdomen, stomach, and digestive problems. In addition be careful on any skin or allergic problems. You may feel weak during early Feb to early April in 2012.


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